About Us

Franchio I.C. is a global economic development events project, research company and fostering collaborative applied economic consultancy and foreign direct investment. We combine technical expertise, institutional experience and global perspectives to steer evidence-based decision-making on carefully selected issues. 

We envision a world in which Africa ‘leapfrogs’ its way to progress through transformational ideas that are reshaping world markets.

Franchio I.C. brings together leading experts and recognized authorities, with emphasis on global business in Africa. Our experts are at the forefront of their fields providing up-to-date analysis and high-quality research on topical issues.

Through a structured public-private platform, Franchio I.C. devises strategies and solutions to help global companies interested in extending their world-wide business presence to Africa.

Franchio engages global experts and institutional partners who are top influencers in government, industry and investors.

Our strategic consulting arm delivers top-notch services bolstered by extensive cross-market knowledge and access to global networks of African based investment and business opportunities.

We collaborate with the international business community to spur sustainable economic growth, promote good governance, social development and consistent economic policies for the benefit of all stakeholders in the African project.